Here Again!

After a month of drinking and partying for Cropover followed by 10days of hotel breakfasts, airport food and eating out I’m finally home and dared to get on the scales!

It has been my last blow out of over indulgence, little exercise and lack of discipline before I embark on yet another fat loss frenzy.

I decided a few weeks ago actually that I would make a stark effort to get the nutrition aspect in to check and have signed up for the services of a nutritionist by the name of Ryall.

I’ve known a couple of people that have worked with her and been successful and as you’ve all seen I’ve tried to control my eating but it just never lasts for too long. So I figured I’d put my hand in my pocket and see if this works for me.

And with this new journey of course I am here again intending to blog about my experience as I battle with my inner self to achieve my hopes and dreams of a super fit and healthy lifestyle. (Anyone watch American Ninja Warrior? I’m so hooked on it now thanks to my good friend Sholz. One of these days I’ll be able to do an obstacle course like that with ease).

The funny thing is in this last month or so when I’ve not really cared and just eaten, drunken, and gone out doing what ever; I’ve received loads of compliments, men approaching me, giving numbers etc. it’s been quite nice. And if I am honest I am accepting and happy with my current form – I just want to feel and be healthy. So it’s a greater and more enhanced lifestyle shift that I’m moving towards.

I also want a six pack and be able to do chin-ups and have under 25% body fat – lol

So here goes!


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