Day 1 – 191lbs and ready to kick ass!

Today I started my 12 week programme. I’m excited and anxious. Excited about the prospect of losing fat and looking and feeling the best I ever have. I’m also scared of failing. But I will take each day as it comes and live by the premise that this is all for me!

I received my food plan for the first 4 weeks and yesterday I went out and bought a whole heap of food and vitamins and spent a fair amount of cash!

IMG_0987At first I grumbled about spending on the vitamins and protein powder, but then I said to myself… I just spent $100’s and hundreds of dollars on all these all inclusive fetes and drinking and partying and going out over Cropover in the last two weeks. Granted – I had an awesome time but really abused my body with the lack of sleep, no exercise and poor diet! Why is it that we grumble about spending money on things that are good for us, whether it’s gym memberships or organic foods etc…

Anyway day 1 started with a rather random looking breakfast at 4:30am.

Followed by MERI at 5:30am. I never used to eat before training but apparently I should, so I was up at 4am preparing food!

I have to say though – bearing in mind I’ve not worked out for a few weeks now due to partying and traveling with work, I was like a machine this morning! I just seemed to keep going it was awesome!

The number of reps for each exercise is the number to the left not just the list order. I managed an awesome 8rounds plus up to 2 pushups in the 30mins.

my random breakfast of eggs, blueberries, oatmeal, flax seeds and chia seeds tasted alright actually!

my random breakfast tasted better than it looks!










Now, I am supposed to eat 6 meals in a day between 2.5 -3.5 hours apart from each other.  I managed the 1st two but by 8:45am I could feel a headache coming, by 10am it was banging and I just want to take a pain killer. I’m used to sometimes getting a headache after training but not as intense as this. I think it was probably the lack of post work out food as normally I would have eaten a hearty breakfast.

The problem with these meal plans is that life gets in the way, or should I say work.  Meetings over ran which meant I didn’t get to my food until 11:30am and was only able to eat a couple of mouth fulls of tuna and spinach, beach sprouts.  I didn’t get back to my food until 2:30pm by which stage, what originally I was not looking forward to eating tasted great!  I was so hungry and literally within 1/2hr the headache had passed.

Meal 4 was protein shake which wasn’t til 4pm.

Meal 5 was definitely the best meal of the day…. I could have eaten it like twice or even 3 times.

Meal 6 is a carrot – whoopie!

All in all not a bad day at all for my first.  Food was not as challenging as I anticipated so I’m looking forward to tomorrow and my Saturday weigh in!


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