Day 6 – Food, Fitness and Fun

I’ve surprised myself actually as to how well I have taken to my new eating regime. I think that’s largely because this isn’t a diet. I am simply eating the foods I would normally eat however in controlled amounts and at specified times of the day. The result of this is the balancing or stabilizing of my insulin levels and an increase in my metabolic rate. This combined with the recommended intake of calories and increased exercise has resulted in me losing some 5 or 6lbs already.

My biggest issue however has been that I have not been getting as much sleep as my body needs, well until last night. And the difference this morning and my energy levels were recognizable. I woke up at 4am alert. Ate my meal by 4:30am. Completed my meditation by 5am. In the gym by 5:30am did a 1600m warm up run and I was felt great and picked up the pace and then completed this MERI


All in all a great start to a Monday morning and week off from work ahead of me. I feel quite energized and not looking to go back to sleep at all. So on to meal 2 – some fruit and nuts.

Here’s to a brilliant week ahead full of food, fitness and fun!


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