Day 12 – Persevering

Taking this past week off from work has been really good to learn these new habits of eating. It’s the planning and prepping of food constantly that I have had to get used to but I have persevered and I feel like I’m on the way to conquering.

Don’t get me wrong the week has had a few ups and downs. I’ve gone through feeling great before, during and after workouts. I’ve been sick and tired of eating spinach and I’ve beat myself up about eating a couple of cream crackers and all in all not losing any weight when it came to weighin on Saturday!

Yep sorry to say but Saturday I recorded 186.6lbs. Exactly the same as I did last Saturday. But…… I have been doing something that I know I shouldn’t and that’s getting on the scales like every morning. Maybe even like whenever I go in the bathroom! It’s like I’m obsessed with them. So through the week I went down to 185.4lbs and climbed back up gradually to 186.6lbs. At least I’ve not put on weight – yet!

I can’t honestly believe that it was the crackers as they were eaten after I reached 186… I was annoyed.

Anyway I’ve thought and thought about it and basically I have to stop obsessing over it and move on. Persevere with the food as it’s really quite nice. Keep working out and it will all come together and become second nature. The scales have been removed from the bathroom to under the bed in the spare room where they will stay until next weekend!

Another great achievement this weekend was successfully going out to a bar and drinking water all night with just a slice of lemon. I mean all night! I’ve gotten quite used to the lack of flavour when I drink now it’s just fine. I’ve hardly any sugar cravings. Just occasionally, but so far have not succumbed.

The other great thing about this week has been working out. I think if I was a lady of leisure I would literally get up work out or play a sport, eat and sleep. It would be awesome. For those looking for some workouts – here’s a few from this week. I say a few as I also did a spinning class and circuit training, swimming and a run!





Almost 14 days in, and coping quite well. Here’s to another week of excellent workouts (5k charity run next Sunday actually!) good food, sleep and more fat loss.


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