Day 17 – Living life with passion and enthusiasm

What an end to a week of much of the same work, very much of the same food (!) much of the same workouts but today with a slightly different perspective.

My day started as usual 4am (had the most vivid dream ever, I was like in another world – was very strange) to make breakfast before the gym and I completed my meditation after missing a few days, because I just wasn’t really in the mood. I had been getting bored of the mediation as the centering thoughts were not resonating with me or I just simply forgot them within an hour or so. But today it was “I live my life with passion and enthusiasm”

It’s not often people really follow their dreams or passions in life and apparently we all have a passion that should be fulfilled. It got me thinking as I really don’t know what I am completely passionate about. I like a lot of things a lot, but I never get like, seriously passionate to the point where I know everything about a subject or ‘thing’ because I am so into it.

Despite this I went to the gym and worked my ass off and ran hard pushing it even when I was knackered, simply because I absolutely loved it! So – is it my passion to workout? Erm not so sure as I know there will always be days when I can’t be bothered. But I can say, I was at least seriously enthusiastic this morning! And in addition I enthusiastically spread my enthusiasm with my fellow gym buddies encouraging them to push and keep going. I came away feeling pretty awesome! Here’s this mornings workout and we also did a 1600 m warm up run, which I didn’t realise was a warm up run and actually pushed to catch up as I started after everyone else!


I have to say it was the best work out for the week and I can proudly say that I have successfully kept off the scales all week. I was dying to get on them this morning though, just to see if it was a lighter me running earlier – lol. Tomorrow morning is weigh-in, so fingers crossed. I do know that my trousers I have on now without a belt keep falling down!

Here’s the other workouts of the week incase anyone wants something to do….


Here the exercises were performed up and down the gym approx 15-20metres in length, and up an back was 1. The broad jump and the gorilla lateral were particularly horrible!



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