Day 26 – W O W!!

Wow – what a week it has been. The workouts I have participated in have been phenomenal – that may be a bit over the top… But they have been good. As I review the week that’s passed and take stock of what happened I question why I would use such a strong word as phenomenal to describe how I felt, bearing in mind I’ve had difficulties walking in heels, going down stairs, controlling the clutch in my car and even sitting on the lavatory, due to my burning, achey thighs.

My thighs took a hammering, pure and simple, but they will thank me for it. On Sunday they ran 5k for a breast cancer awareness charity run.


I’ve not been training specifically to run a 5k but I was confident in my overall fitness abilities to get round without walking and so said, so done. I was chuffed to see as I crossed the finish line the clock say 28.something minutes! Wow- that would be the fastest time for a 5k I can ever recall running!
There would be a no better way to celebrate such an achievement than to get up at 4am the next morning and go training of course!

But luckily the ‘beauty’ workout was focused on abs and core, so the legs got a little rest, but not for long!
Wednesday they were put to the test –
800m run
2x 400m run
3x 200m sprint
100 squats
100 walking lunges
800m run
Now this was tough but I loved every single second of it! Testing my stamina, pushing my body, pumping my arms as I ran to keep my strides extended to cover the ground and simply just not stopping. Yeah I had trouble controlling the clutch driving home after this session – but hey – I made it. What’s the worst that could happen? I stall the car.
All the same was still the best work out of the week.
Thursday I decided to rest – well mostly until the evening I thought I can’t go to bed without doing anything. Let me get off the sofa and at least do some push-ups. So as Celebrity Big Brother finished I went on to YouTube and found me a Sally-up press-up work out
For those of you who may not know the track it’s by Moby – Flower. It almost feels like a eye of the tiger type track that just keeps you going!
So the arms got a good workout at least.
And then 4am rise Friday morning and in to the gym to welcomed by ….

After the 2.5k run to Republic bank and back push-up, pull-ups, handstands, handstand push-up – I mean really? My arms were hurting from the 3:48min push-up challenge the night before! Just my luck. Anyhow I got on with it and the final 2.5k run at the end – well let me tell you… Was awesome! Why? Because I was in pain but felt great because I was clearly making progress actually feeling fit like a fit person should feel.

So Saturday morning I weighed in at 184.6lbs! It was great to get below 185lbs and naturally I went and celebrated by enjoying myself at a good friends wedding! I’ll not go into my consumption here, but it’s not like I ate a KFC or anything. Just a bit of dessert or two or three….


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