Day 32 – Eating Myself Thin

All I have been thinking this week has been about how much I am eating. This morning as I was gathering my thoughts about what I would write here on my blog, whilst making breakfast and prepping food for today with the TV playing in the background, I heard one of those American adverts. You know the ones where ‘real’ people endorse a product and say how it’s changed their lives and how easy it was – yada – yada – yada…. Well this advert hit the nail on the head this time as the woman expressed how she was eating herself thin on the south beach diet or something.

Now that seems to be exactly what I am doing, but this is no diet. And there’s certainly no dieing here.   I am eating myself thin. I’m eating 6 meals a day. This week RYALL gave me a new meal plan, which although overall has less calories I feel certainly fuller. Not to say that I wasn’t feeling full before, I was. But it feels like this week I’ve just not wanted to eat all 6 meals because I felt full.  It may be that I’m getting sick of eating! Yeah I doubt that very much… My dear mother likes to remind me all the time how when I was a baby I would scream for food every two hours on the dot!

Well now as an adult I’m not screaming but my body is certainly responding positively to taking in sustenance every 3hours. As my nutritionist RYALL told me it’s about maintaining your blood sugar levels and metabolic rate or something so.  And I can recall the first week I was delayed by like 2 hrs or so in eating meal 3 due to work and my head was banging! But when I finally ate, the headache almost instantly disappeared. Well let’s say by the time I finished eating it was gone. To note, I used to train in the morning without eating first, just drinking plenty of water. But I would still get headaches after work outs even though I always ate right away and kept drinking. I’ve not had a headache after training at all since I’ve been getting up at 4am to eat a good hour before my 5:30am sessions!

So there’s definitely something in it as today I weighed in at 182.6lbs another 2lbs or so gone, lost forever and never to come back again! And to answer the question ‘Can you REALLY eat yourself thin?‘ my answer is YES based on my experience.

Personally I’m not seeing that much of a difference physically and that’s not being modest I just don’t. Everything is still proportionally the same I guess. My clothes fit a little looser I guess and I’ve had a few comments at work so there must be a noticeable change.

This is turning into a bit of a long post but I kind of have to get a bit deep now in to my psyche to really understand what is happening. If you’ve read my early posts when I started this blog I said I wanted to become obsessed with fitness. My bestie in the UK accused me of that this morning but really I am far from it. It’s more of an awakening. Yes I love working out but I also love eating which is why I think this has really worked for me. The two seem now to be in sync. Before I used to think my mother feeding every two hours was reason why I had such an emotional relationship with food. When I’m happy I eat. When I’m sad I would eat. When I’m hot, cold, tired hungry, not hungry, bored, busy, and for any striking reason to eat, I would eat. But it’s not the eating that’s the problem it’s what you eat. But surely I knew that before? Er well yeah of course. So what’s making the difference? God knows! I’m still bloody eating 6 times a day!

I’m kidding – I think it’s the consistency of regulated amounts of healthy wholesome food, cooked with my own hands with due love and attention for myself. And that’s it. What more can one say?

As long as I keep on this track I’ll be good. My bestie PETER will have to indeed find some new jokes for me. No more fat jokes, or jokes about putting padlocks on the fridge!!! Lol

Oh and before I forget here’s this weeks workouts. This morning I’ve also done 1/2hr interval rowing well 1:30 min on 1 min rest – 7 rounds of….
And I will be hashing with the good old Barbados Hash House Harriers this afternoon. I’m quite excited to see how much I run this week with my new fit lean self 🙂 Although its in St Andrew – the hilly part of Barbados.  I hate hills, I suffer from altitude sickness!



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