The longer the day the greater the temptation

It’s been a long day and after working out at 4:30am this morning my head was starting to hurt by 10am and I wanted a coffee with milk and sugar but I WILL NOT GIVE IN!!.and I didn’t.   I ate my 10 emergency almonds and got on with my day. 

I had an awesome workout – bloody tough mainly due to the burpees.  I had some strawberries and green tea pre workout at 4am and the 3 egg white omlett post workout at like 6-6:30am, 2cups of kale, passionfruit and 1scoop protein powder at 9:30ish…. 

And so I was doing well and proud of myself. But then lunchtime came and I had not prepped food for the day… so guess what.  Out on the hunt for food… temptation at every turn.  Stopped to buy a bottle of water almost grabbed a snack of anything to keep me going and bumped into a former coach of mine and told him my dilemma – and he quite rightly said ‘it’s easy just buy the water and go!’ And that’s the point.  I’m there walking up and down isles playing I’m looking for a healthy snack and my internal dialogue is telling me just get water but for some reason I’m there battling with myself cause I know I want the snack.  Well if it wasn’t for Coach Carey I certainly would have.  So I held out.  Got my grilled fish and steamed veg from my food man… ate half and put down half for later.  Portion control you see – I’m learning! 

Then the stress of work kicked in in the afternoon… cup of tea was had with just 1 Ickle sugar.

Knackered – after work traffic so I stop at super market and the thought of having to sit in traffic all the way to my aunts – no one there to stop me… in goes the snacks in to the trolley to keep me company in the car! 

And that’s it.  I failed.  Plantain chips, whole grain chips, small protein bar and a plus at my aunts. Then I stop again at the supermarket on way home as I forgot some groceries…. and I buy a little peanut brittle… when I say little it is little only 0.60cents so u can imagine.  That kept me company in the car home… well the little sugar rush helped keep me awake. 

I mean this was bound to happen – because I did not plan and prepare my meals today – but that was largely due to me knowing I had some running around to do… and also simply not being in the mood to prep….

So whilst I started out well as the day went on the tiredness crept in… and the snacking continued. I had crackers and humus for dinner.

And now I’m going to bed before I do anymore damage.

Will draw a line under today and move on.


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