Will power!

Friday 24th

Breakfast 6:30am

1/2 grapefruit

3 egg white omelette with red sweet peppers and chives

3 may be 4 crackers (I know i know but the packet was open and staring at me 👀! )

Green tea with lemon


15 almonds

Earl grey tea – dash of milk – no sugar – Yey!!!

12pm – Earl grey tea – dash of milk – 1 small sugar 🙈 I know i know but I was dipping in need of my next meal but work work work… and my food would have been ready.

Today I ordered from my fish man.  Fish, steamed veg and salad and plantain.  The only thing was I had errands to run so only managed to eat it at like 2pm.  And guess what I was ravenous so there was no portion control and scoffed the whole lot one time!

It was good! But felt stuffed afterwards.

I’ve not trained today and won’t be as this evening I have friends coming round.  This also means pizza, rice, chicken, alcohol, snacks, sweet stuff, everything I shouldn’t be doing… but as I missed all the other limes because I was on the programme it came round as my turn to host.  So tonight and tomorrow night actually I’m off.

I know it seems at the moment I’m off more than I’m on and this blog thing isn’t working and I’ll never meet my target if I can’t learn to say no to social activities or learn how to socialise without falling off the wagon!

3pm green tea and lemon


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