Doing it for myself

In my last post I mentioned that I have to learn to socialise without alcohol and without being tempted.  And last night I went out for a friends dinner where I had one white wine spritzer but then drank water the rest of the night.  I wasn’t in the mood for alcohol (that could be because I had a skinful the night before 😳 but we’ll just leave that there).  After dinner I stopped by a bar to see some other friends one of which was DJing… and I continued to drink water. 

During the night it dawned on me that I don’t really need to be here.  Not because I didn’t want to see my fiends – I do enjoy seeing them but I don’t need to be out in that social setting drinking alcohol staying out late when I know I want to train hard the next day.  I announced during dinner that I wouldn’t be out again until I’ve completed my dissertation and reached my 160lb goal.  To which a few people were like ‘yeah right – whatever’.  But I am serious.  I have target to reach and I am doing them for me and no one else.  And why should I let anyone stop me or get in the way from achieving them.

Whilst I love my friends and enjoy their company for now it’s going to be over the phone or during the day visits at homes or may be the beach for a maximum period of time 3hrs in between meals!!! Yes I’m serious. 

The switch has gone off in my brain now.  Time to focus.  It’s meal prep Sunday and I’m gonna stick to this food programme to the ‘T’.  The more I say it the more likely I’m going to do it! I’ll be honest today may not work as I have loads of left overs from Friday night. So I’ll eat more rice than normal today with salad.  But then it will get thrown out in afraid.  As much as I hate wasting food. It’s not going to to do me any good.  I will say now that Easter Sunday I am hosting family so I will probably over indulge on that day only!

So with refreshed renewed focused I completed my day’s workout in 25mins 32 secs and went for a short run on the golf course after.

Until tomorrow people.  Happy Sunday! 


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