Limitless performance 

Today’s food

6:30am 3egg white omelette with red and green sweet peppers and 1/4cup red grapes and green tea

9:30am 2cups kale, spinach, passionfruit pulp, 1scoop protein powder and water smoothie 

10:30am green tea and 10 almonds

12:30pm green salad with sweet peppers and 5 grape tomatoes. Balsamic vinegar and t-spoon of humus as dressing. 1/2 cup rice and 4oz chicken 

1:30pm green tea

3:30pm 1tin of tuna mixed with 2tbsp cottage cheese and 4 crackers

5:30pm 3 Mcvities shortcake biscuits!!! Yes I know – but they are nice and each biscuit contains 37 calories.  Large glass of water with some cranberry juice.  So my pre-workout meal was a bit of a sugar overload!!!

6:30pm Today’s WOD

5 x 5 back squat which I did at the following weights; 85lbs, 115lbs, 125lbs, 135lbs, 145lbs 

So it was manageable. 

This was followed by;


Row (calories)

Thrusters (Rx 75lb) I scaled at 55lbs

I completed all that ahead of everyone in 14:31. And I felt pretty good like I could have pushed harder.  So either that sugar rush helped me out or I didn’t go heavy enough on the thrusters. 

I think it’s probably the later. It’s easy to go lighter and complete quicker than it is to push urself that much harder and take longer.  I must admit I probably have a tendency to do that because of course you don’t want to be shamed in the class cause u can’t lift the weight or u don’t want to come last.  But really the only person your cheating is yourself. 

So similar to the weekends revelation of doing this for myself I have to maintain this during my workouts and push my body to the limits to get maximum results. And as it happens the name of the box where I train these days is called LIMITLESS PERFORMANCE. 

So there you have it.  There’s no limit to what can be achieved once I put my mind and heart in to it.  

8pm – post workout protein shake with 5 strawberries 🍓 and made with water 


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