Aerobic.Interval.Resistance training 

My Tuesday and Thursday 4:30am class has been revamped to WOD AIR and boy this morning was brill – liant!!!! 

4am – my vegan patty was my pre work out meal.  And green tea of course.  Fuel to start the day.  And then I walked into the box to be greeted by what appeared to be one tough work out and it was!

Completed in 33mins

But I pushed it every step. And felt awesome in the process.  I’m not a distance runner but more of a sprinter but I don’t have endurance to sprint repetitively or for a long period.  That being said I can sprint and have speed.  I have been told I’m deceivingly quick 😉.  One sees me and doesn’t think I can sprint but then I change gear. Always got enough left for a sprint finish. So yes I’m loving this interval aerobic training.  Has my name written all over it #loveit could feel the fat melting with every step! 

7am post workout protein shake. All about the plant based protein now with 2cups kale and spinach and water melon.  I’m finding these greens smoothies quite addictive! 

8am jumbo green tea 

10am 3 boiled eggs yolk removed and replaced with some hummus

11:15am earl grey tea with milk 😬 and 1 tiny sugar… I know I had a moment of weakness rushing between meetings gasping for a drink – I should have selected water but I really wanted coffeee so I went with tea and the sugar literally jumped into my cup without permission, without being asked, just pushed itself on me! – ok well string me up alive I had a sugar…. 🤦🏾‍♀️

1pm my usual 🥗 with another patty (4more to eat!!!) and roasted 🎃 

4pm 10 raw almonds 

5pm 1/4 cup watermelon 🍉 

7pm chicken, squash and okra

Jumbo cup of Green tea

All in all not a bad day but could have been better. Why because on the last lap I faltered at ate 3 fruit shortcake biscuits.  THERE I said it I confessed I’m massively disappointed in myself but at least I’ve owned up.  I almost didn’t but I can’t pretend to be something I am not.  This is like going to AA or something! Do I need to rationalize what made me eat them.  I know – emotions. I found a moment of comfort. Yep it made me feel better for that short period of time.  Well I feel fine now cause I’ve eaten – but I’m also shattered after this mornings early start. I’d go to sleep except I need this food to digest.  I probably shouldn’t have eaten as much as I did.  Why why why? All this obsessing over food and what I eat and how much and when!!! It’s never bloody ending! Well it will when I reach 160lbs! But until then unjust just suck it up and get on with it.


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