Me, my protein shake and I…

These alternate days of getting up for early morning training is working well for me.  Had a great nights sleep 😴 and a lovely lay-in this morning.  Feeling refreshed and renewed.  Weigh-in tomorrow and I say official weigh-in tomorrow morning cause well let’s be honest I go on the scales like every day lol I know I shouldn’t but I do, I just don’t tell you my weight.   I was tempted as it’s heading in the right direction but I will wait until tomorrow to make it official so that any eating in discrepancies during the week have a chance to level out! (I know that’s so not rational, but if you’ve been reading this blog you’ll realize that neither am I, but it all makes sense to me 🤔).

7am 3 egg white omelette with sweet peppers and chives. 1/2 a grapefruit and jumbo green tea 🍵 

9am green tea

11am 1/2 grapefruit and 10 almonds

12:15pm earl grey tea

1:30pm salad 🥗 what else am I gonna have eaten.  And it was accompanied by two of my vegan burgers.  I have to say though that are really nice.  Whilst I’ve been eating them every day now since Wednesday I think, I’m really not bored of them yet.  I have two left and am keen to make some more.  They’re just tasty and real easy to grab and go.  

4:30pm 3egg white, half a banana 🍌 1/4 cup of oatmeal pancake thing. This is my pre work out meal today.  Normally I have one for breakfast but I decided to go home for lunch today and make one to take back to work and eat before I go training (as I go straight from the office). Again it’s nice piece of fuel and easily portable. 

You see Friday most people leave work early find a liming spot in a rum shop and drink talk rubbish, buy some fried food, eat and roll home at some point.  Me on the other hand – I stay in the office pretend to do work (currently shopping online trying to decide whether to order clothes in a size 12 or 14 – it’s a great dilemma to have!) and then go and do a grueling workout, go home drink a protein shake and flake out till tomorrow.  That’s the extent of my exciting Friday night.  No wonder I’m single. But at least I’m fit, healthy and on my way to 160lbs! 

6:30pm today’s WOD   

Yeah the WOD was alright.  I don’t like squat snatches as I’m scared so I only did 55lbs for the first part.  This was the same weight as the WOD which I maintained and in fact I almost increased the weight as I felt I could manage more.  That being said I left it as was and finished in 14:52 mins.  Only thing is I skipped singles instead of double unders as I can’t do them.  I really need to learn and practice.  

So it was pretty quiet in the gym, but that’s to be expected it being a Friday night.  My friends are all out to some beach soca fete.  Me I’m home with my protein shake like the dedicated person that I am! 

8:00pm protein shake with 1/2 🍌 I feel like I want to eat more food tonight.  May have to eat a protein bar. Or humus and carrots or tuna and cottage cheese.

Gosh I need to stop thinking about it. 


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