Talking a good game

Needless to say after last night I didn’t make it for my usual 7:30am Sunday morning chipper! I wonder what they did? But I don’t feel guilty I need a rest day.

A very productive morning mind you, food prep done, washing done, spring cleaning done, and after all the aches and pains including water on my knee (I hope it’s not too serious an injury) after my 2hr run yesterday I had a long soak in a hot bath and actually fell asleep! 

8:30am 3 egg white omelette with sweet peppers, 1/2 grapefruit- lemon hot water

11:30am 2cups kale and spinach, strawberry πŸ“ protein shake

1pm 2crackers

2:30pm saltfish, pumpkin πŸŽƒ, squash and my last patty! 

4:30pm 1/2 cup of strawberries πŸ“  and 10 raw almonds

I seem to be ravenous today and real thirsty too.  Must be the body working overtime after the abuse from yesterday! What I didn’t add in yesterday’s post was that on the way home I stopped at cheffete and got 3flying fish 🐟 (for those that don’t know they’re really quite small fish – like eating 3 fish fingers then) and chips 🍟 and a coke… it was late I had alcohol in me that needed soaking up! And this morning I got on the scales and was 171.2lbs !!! So not so bad 😳😳😳 but I promise not to do it again for at least 6 weeks. 

My previous nutritionist always maintained that a cheat meal every two weeks was good to confuse your body and cause it to work harder.  BUT should only be had when you’ve have two clean weeks AND it’s only one ☝️ meal not a whole day of binging and drinking crap! So I at least started the day well it just went down hill after that.  My next cheat meal will be in two weeks when I go on a catamaran and by then I hope so be well in to the 160s maybe let’s say 168lbs – I think that’s a reasonable target for two weeks.  Just got to keep focused. And keep prepping the food and planning my meals.  Once that happens everything else falls in to place as I don’t have an issue training.  But I’m also hoping these more focused interval training sessions make a real difference also to my weight loss and fat burning.  But I have to try and keep working on my butt!!! I need a butt! 

I didn’t eat any dinner this evening.  I don’t know I just lost interest in the kitchen.  I didn’t feel like salad and I didn’t want a 2nd helping of saltfish so I ate fruit shortcake biscuits πŸ™ˆ I know – I know – I talk a good game but clearly I’m really crap at this.  Consistency isn’t my strong point. Or discipline. Sigh πŸ˜” 

Well I got my calorie in take but I just feel tired 😴 probably cause I’ve not eaten properly.  But also I’m actually concerned about my knee.  I iced it a bit but the fluid doesn’t seem to be going down.  I kept it elevated too as much as possible.  In fact it’s been my excuse for lying on the sofa all afternoon and evening! But I hope when I wake up it’s gone so I can train.  I can’t spend a week off the gym – that would really set me back! 

Not good! 


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