No stopping me… not even a dodgey knee! 

My knee effusion is still apparent so I’m not quite sure what to do.  I’ve iced it, elevated it, rested it all in the last 24 hrs and no change! I HAVE to work out today – I want to work out. I’ll just have to do exercise that doesn’t involve bending my knees 😳 . I did push-ups and abs this morning just in case I didn’t make it to the gym.

7am 3egg white omelette with sweet pepper and 1/2 grapefruit, and lemon water and green tea.

10am 2cups kale and spinach with passion fruit smoothie.  No protein powder in it this time, thought I should save it for post workout. Oh and 10 raw almonds.

1pm 2cups of green salad 🥗 as always. With saltfish and 1 cup steamed veg (pumpkin and squash) and 1/4 cup quinoa.

2pm coffee ☕️ with milk and a sugar.  I gave in to the craving.  I can feel it – I’m pre-menstrual and so for the next few days I’ll want to eat everything in sight both sweet and savoury.  I’d like for just one month to be in control of my food choice and not my hormones.  It’s going to take real strength. I’m already disappointed 😔 crap!

3pm water which I should have had post lunch to wash away the sugar craving. 

4:30pm tuna and cottage cheese with one carrot. Green tea. 

6:30pm W O D so I wasn’t sure how it was going to go at training but I popped another ibuprofen and went training despite the restrictive movement of my knee.  Well. Let me tell you, I had an awesome workout and it would have been even more awesome if I was at 💯 %.  You know how it goes you take it easy on the warm up run 🏃🏾 stepping gingerly testing the knee to see how it holds up.  It didn’t feel too bad but I wasn’t bending it to its full range which is where I have the problem.       

  And then the skill…. touch and go power snatches.  I worked with a new girl who’s strong but not all that confident so didn’t push it on the weight we went from 55lbs to 70lbs and stopped there.  She was looks stronger than me cause she was like flinging it up in the air… but u know how u get these people in the gym that don’t push themselves. I’m like why are you here then? No but she’s cool – I can understand – it is only her second week.  

So then on to the WOD and those wall balls is where I would have major issues with the deep squat.  That being said I forgot about it and got on with it.  I kept my bar at 70lbs didn’t bother to go up to the RX 90lb weight but did use the 14lb RX weight medicine ball on the higher level the same as the men.  So I pushed it there and got through all 8 rounds with time to spare 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 – thank you! 

So the knee is still a little fluidy but I’m ignoring it.  I have WOD AIR at 4:30 am tomorrow so will see how that goes.

8:30pm protein shake with 1/2 banana

An almost clean day except the coffee…. I guess it could have been worse. 


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