Endurance through the day 

I really don’t know where to start.  There’s so many topics that I could cover that has occurred today and influenced various moods and thought as I go through this roller coaster of a journey, but I guess my one most prominent that has been the centre of everything i have done today is that I am sooo friggin tired 😴!!! 

Lol – it’s nothing that major and I’m being a bit dramatic but when you are trying to lose weight it affects what you eat and what you do and work.  Luckily I don’t have children – I say luckily but I’d love to have have children – but today boy I couldn’t be doing any of this if I had kids I’m sure.  I’d neglect them or something. Forget to feed them – I don’t know or leave them at school for a week lol.  

4am 1/2 protein pancake made with strawberries 🍓 today

4:30am WOD AIR – now as I recall I mentioned this is a re-invented class following the aerobic interval resistance training model advocated by Chris Hinshaw for the ultimate endurance training.  As I write this I’m wondering why am I doing this? I just want to lose fat not be a marathon runner or tri athlete or mega endurance nuttin??!! 😳. 

That being said I’ve really enjoyed it!!! As in the workouts are tough with the running but I feel good after.  Take this morning – 4:30am I mean really??? Am I mad… but it was good.  The route we run has a long hill about 150m uphill which is a killer.

41:15mins later!


But still I did what I could within the time frame.  I had 2 more 800s to go but we reached the time cap – in fact the coach wanted to stop me from doing the first – I was like no – I want to get it done 4:30secs I’ll be back and off I trotted.  I was tempted to continue and finish the last two even though the class was done…. that’s how eager I was.  I don’t know I think it’s the shorter distances and the little respite… it’s suits me more than doing a 5 or 10 k.  I felt my recovery is improving each time.  I’d like my speed to increase but as you can see I’m (Jo) in the middle of the group so one of the fastest of the slower participants or one the slowest of the front group.  I’d so like to catch up with them though. But I know one thing – I have them on the sprints.  Gimme a flat sprint I wipe the floor with all of them.  May be not Doc – she’s Jamaican!  Did you see the 12 year old Brianna Lyston simply incredible – but I digress…. I basically would like to improve my speed on longer runs, burn a lot of fat in the process and look phenomenal!!!! 

6:30am 2nd half of protein pancake 

So after all that running this morning I shower, get food ready for the day everything done by like 7:15am.  I don’t start work till 8:30 and the office is like a 10min drive up the road so I have time to kill.  So I sit on the sofa switch on tv to catch up on the news, ring my mum… put feet up get comfortable have a convo.  Then my aunt calls have a chat… lay across sofa, watching the news chat etc next thing you know it’s 8:45 I done fall right to sleep 😴 and I real struggled to wake myself up and move to get going – got in a 9:30am!!! Gees I was tired but that set precedence for the rest of the day and low productivity.  I walked in the office my colleague was like what happened to you?!! You need a coffee so a coffee with one sugar was had.  The rest of the day was fine food wise as I didn’t have the energy to do anything else!! Lol 

11am kale, spinach, pineapple 🍍 protein shake 

1:30pm green salad 🥗 with 1/4 cup quinoa and 4oz chicken

4pm thinkthin protein bar – was a little pick me up that I needed

5:30pm 2 crackers (old habit reared its ugly head) 

7pm roasted veg and salt fish

8pm bed 😴 and do it all again tomorrow.  All I can say I better of lost some weight by Saturday morning weigh in! 


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