B Y O F 

4am 1/2 grapefruit and 10 almonds, lemon water

7am 3 hard boiled eggs whites and a 1/4 cup of cooked oats. Green tea

10am coffee with milk and 1 sugar.  I’m going to go next week with none!!! If I fail feel free to cuss me and never read this blog again.

Now we are all familiar with BYOB (bring your own beer – just in case ☺️) and now that I am trying to stick to a food plan regime until I reach my target 160lb weight (I have to keep saying it to reinforce it in my brain) as I mentioned before I have to learn to socialise in a new way.   Well today I had a lunch date with a friend I’ve not seen in a while, but I really didn’t want to say sorry we can’t meet for lunch because I want to eat my own food 😳 .  So instead I found a venue where I could BYOF (bring your own food).  Now this isn’t anywhere official – like a restaurant might allow you to bring your own alcohol or a cooler fete where you bring your own drinks.  And it’s not a meeting in the park eating alfresco on a park bench. But we did meet in a food court. It’s a perfect solution for people wanting to eat their own food but still be able to socialise with others who are buying.  Whilst you are still faced with temptation it’s easier to suck it up as you brought your own food.  So yes today I was that girl – sitting in a public food court with loads for food options for sale eating out of my tupperware. 

1:30pm salad 🥗 salt fish and roasted veg

I was very good actually as my friend come back with a great big Burger King- to be fair I wasn’t tempted at all.  

4pm kale, spinach, pineapple 🍍 protein shake the one I should have had mid morning but got side tracked with work.

7pm 2 crackers and hummus

Today’s WOD from this morning… 

Was alright – nothing amazing… I think I was still tired from yesterday so probably worked at about 60-70%.  But I guess that’s better than nothing. My knee is still not back to normal so I will rest it completely tomorrow… no running, jumping, skipping, squatting, nothing.  In fact may be I’ll stay horizontal all day 😂 .. no but seriously I really aught to rest it do I don’t do any irreversible damage. 

Chicken cooking for tomorrow and I’ll probably eat some tonight too. 

Over and out! 


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