Weigh-in Saturday 

I was reading Coach Hami’s post yesterday on the importance of tracking progress amongst other things that is quite useful, such as how he manages cravings.  I’ve been told on numerous occasions to not go on the scales daily.  We all know this but when they’re there it’s had not to (again my lack of restraint). And so today they’re going back in the cupboard only to come out on Saturday mornings. 

This morning I weighed in at 174lbs – I’m so annoyed.  Each day this week the weight has changed and gone up as high as 176.5lbs and whilst I know I had a cheat meal, a cheffete and alcohol last Saturday night and a few sugars this week – 3lbs gained just like that??!! It’s just not on.  I work hard in the friggin gym.  Why don’t I lose 3lbs in a week for not eating a cheffete and drinking alcohol?!! So yes I’m annoyed and disappointed 😔. 

I am kind of trying to put it down to my period being due in a week or so, as I seem to always gain weight leading up to it.  But it’s a bit far out. Also then there’s the hormones to battle with when I want to eat everything in sight.  Next week will be the test to see if I can really really fight them. I keep thinking about what I did the previous week that I managed to go down to 171lbs.  I think that’s the week I practically lived on my vegan bean burgers, salad and tuna with cottage cheese.  I don’t think I had much else in there.  But I also recall feeling good and training hard.  And no chicken. May be I’ll make some more bean burgers tomorrow. And see how that weeks goes given I’ll be pre-menstrual too. 

I read somewhere else also that our bodies respond differently and some  people need more carbs to function better – I really should make a note of these things I read so I can share them, but you know how it is so much ‘stuff’ is read on the internet nowadays – so I’m thinking that I may be one of those people.  I’m aware that the beans whilst they have protein are also carbs and I was very conscious of that the other week which is why I never ate them with buns and opted for carrots with the tuna as opposed to crackers so I didn’t overload on carbs.  And as I mentioned I trained real well. Bags of energy! But dare I say it – plenty of gas!!! I was trumping like a 15 piece wind band – sorry not good for a lady.  

Although it’s a Saturday I have literally prepped my food for the day and taking it on the road with me.  

7am 3 egg white omelette with sweet peppers and 1/2 grapefruit and lemon 🍋 water 

9am pineapple and 20 raw almonds

11am some random protein bar I picked up whilst at the supermarket 

1pm tea with milk and a teenie tiny sugar.  I went in the office and I was all alone in this big building so ended it to help me concentrate and feel better! 

I got lots of work done though 

3:30pm chicken curry made by me with 1/2cup quinoa and of course salad 🥗 

4pm coffee with milk and 2 sugars

7pm protein bar – thinkthin peanut 🥜 crunch.  I could literally live on those things!!!

So was meeting some gym friends at a bar called Mojos as a leaving gathering for the endurance coach who left the other week. And yes I was that girl who did not eat!!! I’m not doing it.  A table full of burger, fries, fried fish and alcohol.  I’m not so bad that I brought my own food this time lol 😂 but I had 2 white wine spritzers though and some water.  After this mornings rude awakening I am not spoiling it for anyone!!! 


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