Meal prep vs Food prep

Sundays is a day when a lot of people into fitness spend time prepping food or meals for the week, spending hours in the kitchen cooking tons of chicken, broccoli and rice and portioning it out into carefully measured meals for each day of the week.

Well I’m kind of no different, except for the fact pre planning the same meal every day is enough to send me to KFC or something just for a change.  Don’t get me wrong, as you will have seen I’m quite used to eating the same food on a regular basis, but I believe in variety – there’s always a slight change and I alternate between meals. 

In addition whilst pre cooking works for some people, I prefer freshly cooked as much as possible.  So what I do is prep my food on a Sunday so I don’t have to spend so much time cooking.  Generally speaking when I cook chicken or fish it’s enough for two days.  Although this week I’m back on vegan spicy bean burgers lol πŸ˜‚ so 7 of those bad boys will last me the entire week.  I do have some fish though so I may decide, probably on Wednesday, to cook that for a change.

8:30am my favorite breakfast! With some green tea and lemon πŸ‹.  Set me up for a highly productive rest day.  No working out!

11:30am kale, spinach, pineapple AND wait for it…. coconut 🌴 water! Yes I decided I fancied introducing it back into my greens smoothies.  So here’s the plan to ensure I manage it correctly.  I will use coconut water with my mid morning smoothie like today with no protein powder.  I will not have any raw almonds or fruit for afternoon snack on coconut water days and when it’s post workout I will have with protein powder and no fruit.  

Let’s be clear – I have absolutely no idea what the science is behind this!!! But, I was told by Ryall (my previous nutritionist) to limit it to a glass post workout cause of the carb content I think – I can’t remember.  She’s fit as hell so I trust and believe everything she says and ask no questions or reasons why – I just do! Lol πŸ˜‚ 

So everything is prepped for the week, strawberries πŸ“, sweet peppers, lettuce, kale, spinach and fresh seasoning.

Yeah So this is my tip for you all.  I’m pretty anal when it comes to washing my salad πŸ₯— so I soak the kale, lettuce and spinach in salt water. I’ve had too many instances of bugs bad catepillars crawling out of my salad as I take a bit that I religiously do this now and wash individual leaves meticulously! But the plus side is it saves soooooo much time during the week.  It’s all washed and bagged, lettuce chopped ,so that my fridge is like a salad bar and I pick and choose what goes into my salad each day.  I know it’s always the same but I at least make slight variations with quinoa, chick peas, carrots, tomatoes πŸ… cucumber πŸ₯’ whatever! But the point is it’s so easy to throw stuff together quickly making absolutely no excuse not to eat well.  The quinoa is cooked so on a morning or evening it’s just the protein and veg to be cooked. 

The other thing I do to help is make my own fresh seasoning. This way I manage what goes in and I ensure my food tastes great!  Just because you’re eating chicken or fish grilled or steamed  doesn’t mean you can’t make it taste nice.  Making your own seasoning means you’re not thrown off by the sugar and salt that is typically found in shop bought seasonsing and sauces. I’ve got onion, garlic, scotch bonnet pepper, thyme, chives, ginger, parsley, marjoram, basil 🌿, broadleaf thyme,lemon juice, balsamic vinegar and a dash of olive oil.  And I basically blend it all and put in a jar and I use it in everything from chicken, fish, sometimes even in the omelette, in the tuna and cottage cheese – literally anything cooked! 

 2:30pm chicken curry, 1/4 cup quinoa, steamed broccoli and squash.  Notice I didn’t have any salad – strange I know.  I probably have some tonight.  

5:30pm well the rest of the day hasn’t quite gone to plan. It’s been so hot I’ve gotten lazy and couldn’t be bothered to cook so I’ve been snacking all afternoon on nuts πŸ₯œ and crackers and a piece of cake I had in the freezer. So that’s it now I literally have nothing left in my house that shouldn’t be there.  Oh crap – crackers – I still have a pack.  I might end up eating them though πŸ˜‚ 

I’ve made the vegan burgers, and managed to get 9 out of this batch – I added black eyed peas to this set. Looking forward to eating them through the week though! 


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