Just a quickie 

I’ve got to say – I do actually feel a bit slimmer.  Not a major revelation but as you know I’m kind of addicted to standing on the scales but I’ve put them away and haven’t been on them since Saturday! But after this morning mamouth run 🏃🏾 I feel friggin awesome! 

4am 1/2 protein packed pancake made with strawberries 🍓 oatmeal and 3 egg whites

4:30am WOD AIR 

That all took me 40min 49 secs… it sounds long but really didn’t feel like it at the time.  But I can honestly say my recovery has improved and so it was a pretty good run.  I’m liking the distances.  

6am protein shake with kale, spinach, pineapple 🍍 

9am the other half of the protein pancake

12pm salad 🥗 with 2 vegan burgers 

So once again stuck in a meeting all afternoon… so missed my afternoon meal.  Surprisingly I felt alright, I guess because I was totally engaged in the meeting so my mind wasn’t really on my stomach.  

5:30pm 10 raw almonds

7pm tuna with cottage cheese with carrots 🥕 and crackers

I guess that’s dinner… not really in the mood for anything else. Although more food needs to be consumed – but what? I was so tempted to stop at chicken barn on the way home and get some rotisserie chicken and chips! But I didn’t I have tuna!!! Yey! 

Knowing me I’ll eat a protein bar.  I really could live on them! 

That’s it for today – no real revelations … will do it all again tomorrow! 


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