I’ve only gone and done it….

…. No i haven’t reached my target weight yet… but I flaming well gone and pressed the ‘fuck-it’ button today!! 🙄

After a really positive start this morning following yesterday’s self indulgent therapy session I got up this morning ready to take on the world and attack whatever I was presented with in the gym.  I had pre-cooked my pre-workout meal so I maximized my preworkout digestion time.

4am 1/2 protein packed pancake

4:30 am WOD AIR 

Today I got well acquainted with the rowing machine 

It was tough and like 45mins I was feeling pretty good.  In fact so good that I stayed and did the next class!

5:30am WOD 


I maxed out on the back squat 155lbs!! Not bad and still had energy left for the WOD.  Yes I decided to test my improved recovery rate theory.  Seems to be true as I managed it all! Despite being tired I was feeling totally awesome, invincible, fearlessly confident in my abilities to achieve my goal.

7:30am 3egg white omelette with some roasted veg.
10:30am 10 raw nuts and 1/4 cup of pineapple.

So far so good right? What’s the problem.  Well……

Today we had a potluck type lunch at work…. I opted to buy some pizza 🍕 cause I really couldn’t be arsed to cook.  So you can imagine there’s was a ton of food – baked chicken, chicken curry, two sets of rice, fish cakes, chicken and potato roti, beef and potato roti, vegetables roti, great cake, pineapple cake, coconut bread oh my gosh the list goes on!!! 

And whilst I attempted to act with some restraint filling my plate with salad 🥗 and baked chicken breast, a regulated portion size of salt fish rice … well everyone was on at me to eat and just forget about the programme for today …. and so I caved in and the gullet was opened and th ‘fuck-it’ button was pressed. Great cake, and coconut bread were devoured whilst my kale, spinach, pineapple and protein shake looked on neglected 😩 and not being drank. 

I even followed suit and took doggy bag of a chicken roti, slice of pizza, fish cakes, rice and chicken…. but I after feelinging completely stuffed and really hating the uncomfortableness I came to my senses – took the food to my cousins dinner left it all there for him to eat.

So it could have been worse.  No more food tonight.  I’m gonna take a dose of Epsom salts not go anywhere  and relax the night.  There’s training tomorrow at 7:30am which is like to go to, but I’d also like to fast tomorrow completely and just be on water, green tea and possibly a kale and spinach smoothies. Anything to try and reverse today’s damage.

It’ll be alright I’m sure! 


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