Fast but not really a fast

6am 1/2 grapefruit and green tea

9:30am kale, spinach, apple 🍏 smoothie

10am think thin protein bar.  When I said I could live on them I really did mean it 🙈

10:30am 3egg white and roasted veg omelette 

So as you can see the fast was a bit on a non starter! The only saving grace is that the food I do eat is healthy… and in the approved portions… may be not at the approved times but…. hey we can’t be perfect 👌🏾 

12:30pm ham and cheese roll.  I stopped by my cousin literally for 15mins to pick up a chicken to take to my aunt (it’s for Sunday lunch – you do these little random errands when you live on a tiny island) and ate it there.  I have to stop visiting him as there’s always something to eat there and a shot of vodka and coke!! 😳 no need 12:30pm in the afternoon… well it is Good Friday and I’m not at work and the sun is shining and its beautiful outside. 

2:30pm salad 🥗 with 2 vegan burgers

3:30pm 1 apple 🍎 

4:30pm Thinkthin protein bar!

I can’t seem to stop ✋🏾 it’s being at home all day. The fridge is there! 

7:00pm 1/2 a grapefruit.  What I really wanted was some chips and dip or biscuits or cookies 🍪 anything to much and nibble on but alas I don’t have anything such in my fridge or cupboards.  I had a choice of grapefruit or apples and carrot 🥕 and hummus – this is why my friends don’t come and visit me very often. There’s never anything for them to eat they say, only healthy shit and water to drink!!! Lol but if I have that stuff in my house it gets eaten like within days.  So better not to have it at all.

I have two protein bars left.  They’re for tomorrow lol 😂 

9pm vegan burger 🍔 in a bun with hummus and salad 

9:30pm a vex yellow monkey 🐒 craft beer.  

So yeah – all in all too much food, and I guess I am taking this weekend off as tomorrow I have a Catamaran cruise with food and drink included.  Sunday I have a big gathering of family round for Sunday lunch and then it’s next week again.  The knees been playing up so no training today and I reckon for the rest of the weekend – govenit some rest and go back Tuesday.

So that’s it really – over and out 


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