Delinquent with good cause

It’s been one of those weekends.  It being Easter and all that there was no sticking to the plan and with no training I didn’t really see the point of posting about my bingeing! 

So let’s just keep it brief Saturday I had my usual brekkie and almost a whole packet of ginger nuts before going to a birthday celebration sunset catamaran cruise where I ate, fish, chicken, rice, salad and copious amounts of Malibu and pineapple.

Easter Sunday was a family luncheon by me and I ate continuously from the minute I got up until I went to bed I ate and drunk. 

So today I was literally crying out for some normality.

4:30am fasted workout WOD Air – nuff running.  I only made it through the first 4 sets 

7am kale, spinach, pineapple and protein smoothie
10am protein packed pancake

2pm green salad with 1/4 cup quinoa and tuna

3:30pm chocolate chip cookies and a special K protein bar – I have no idea why other than hungry and craving.

6:30pm crackers and hummus 

8pm chicken soup with rice and peas

I still have kicked the sweet tooth habit.  I’ve really got to work on it and kick the addiction.  Tomorrow is another day and another opportunity to make positive change .


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