Pushing through

I’ll be honest -today was marginally better than yesterday but certainly not back to my former performance or determination.  I did my meal – or should I say salad prep last night but that was about it.  The day didn’t start too bad and I went training even though I didn’t want to.

4:00am 1/4 cup of grapes 🍇 

4:30 WOD AIR

Partner row splitting each distance between them – work rate full sprint

2 rounds of:





I rowed pretty hard to be honest keeping my pace between 1:44-2:10/ 500m – but most sub 2:00/500m 

I like rowing – but short distances.  Like the 500m is my optimum distance which I can do under 2mins. I get kind of bored but I’m pretty good at it.  I was going for it on my rounds but my partner who I thought would be good actually wasn’t that good.  Poor technique let her down I guess and just not frigging pulling hard enough!! I’m not the fittest person out there but I friggin yanked that chain like there’s no tomorrow.  My partner didn’t – I was getting proper annoyed…. my competitive side comes out in these kinds of situations especially when I know I can do well.  If it was burpees I’m sure it would be me letting the side down so I should be more forgiving right?!  It was a good workout though.  

6:30am 3egg white omelette with sweet peppers and lemon tea 

7am protein bar – I was just simply hungry and wanted something else to eat

9am tea with milk and 1 sugar

10:30am 10 raw almonds and kale, pineapple and protein powder shake

11:30am coffee with milk and 1 sugar

1:30pm 2cups salad 🥗 tin of tuna 
Rubbish lunch it was in that it was pretty dry. I mean I ate it obviously I like the salad just uninspiring.  One of those meals you just eat cause you’re supposed to eat.  But at least I didn’t buy food out.

2:30pm green tea 

So I was doing alright but I didn’t prepare an afternoon snack, which meant by the time I passed by my cousins after work I was hanging! And so I went into his fridge.  Luckily he didn’t have much.

5:30 – 7pm

2x crackers

Handful of peanuts

1 bite of a guava jam puff (random I know)

Bowl of soup with pumpkin, yam, chicken wings.  Was quite nice a bit salty for me but nice. 

8pm roasted almonds (about 1/2 a cup may be a bit less) and green tea

So yeah not bad – but not great.  Still haven’t kicked the tea/coffee habit. It’s ridiculous as I don’t drink it at home at all!  And I really need to go to the supermarket so I can cook food. I’m still in lazy mode. 

One good thing is that my knee felt a bit better after the icing last night.  Icing it again now to see if I can get more of the fluid or swelling to go down. 

Undecided whether to go training tomorrow morning.  I know I should but I also feel I should rest the know from doing squats.  There’s always an element of squatting in the regular wod.  I may just get up and do abs at home or something or go for a run up the road.  I live literally 400 m from a running track!! 

So that’s it – pushing on as best I can.  I submit my final piece of work for MA this weekend so no excuses from there on in.  Total focus on weight loss 😬😬


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