Saturday weigh in -Dialing in

Another disappointing Saturday morning weigh in – 177.4lbs 😩

How did that happen? 

Well I drank beers and rum on weekends, I’ve been drinking tea and coffee with milk and sugar daily, I’ve eaten biscuits, cakes, chocolates, ice cream more often than I should in the last few weeks.  And as you will see whilst I’m not chronically eating this junk I’m eating enough of it for it to show.  Don’t get me wrong I’m still eating my salads, grilled fish, chicken 1/4 cup rice, egg whites and fruits and my kale smoothies – all the things that I do actually love and I’m supposed to be eating, just keep succumbing to the temptation when ever they are around me.

So today I am dialing back in.  That switch has gone off in my brain again (thank you lord) and I’m making this work for me as I intended.

I didn’t post yesterday as it got too late after I went out for a ‘meal’ at this vegan restaurant shack place – the green lime with a friend. We didn’t know what to expect because it was advertised on FB as a kind of ‘tapas’ lime where for $25 you got bits from the menu. The food tasted nice – I do like vegan food but it was not a meal – I was hank marving by the time I left there! My friend was good enough to drive me straight home because otherwise I would have diverted through the KFC drive through to get some chips (not chicken).  But I got home about 9:30-10pm went straight to the fridge and ate some left overs – soup and rice and peas.  In hindsight it was probably unnecessary- I wasn’t gonna die if I didn’t eat.  But I was hungry as prior to that vegan bite at like 8:30 or 9pm I hadn’t eaten anything since the cookie I had in a meeting at 3pm. 

So it’s back to routine.  Back to doing what I know I have to do. Consistency in my eating, planning my meals and working hard at training. I’m always getting little bits of inspiration from various sites and workouts you can do at home.  So my new challenge is the plank.  I’ve tried many a time to build up my core strength but not succeeded much past a minute hold.  But I’m gonna try again.  Everyone has a spare minute to hold a plank.  Whilst the kettle is boiling, waiting for the shower to warm up, whilst the eggs are cooking, whilst the lettuce is soaking, whilst watching 1hr episode of your favourite friggin programme!!! There’s always time. Research Has said that plank is the best – better than crunches and  situps – so I’m dialing in – I’m focused.  I’m off to Jamaica in two weeks… I’m gonna make this happen! 


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