What else happened?

After the post I started my day with the plank.  In accordance with the research full arms straight plank as opposed to elbows – 1min 16secs first round and 1:22 for the seconds. I quite like it as I felt it in my arms and shoulders too. 

Always start with hot lemon water or green tea and today I added some fresh ginger. 

8:30 am kale, pineapple and protein powder smoothie.  No eggs in the house as I hadnt sorted myself out yet. 

Today’s meditation – Hope tells me anything can be transformed.  It’s amazing how the right inspiration comes to you at the right time.  Just as I was dialing back in to this challenge, digging deep looking for strength – today’s meditation was completely on point to support me getting there.  Aside from the centreing thought… one other comment struck me in the narrative “you don’t need it anymore” and that is the ‘ah ha’ moment.  I don’t need the sugar, the alcohol, possibly the chicken and fish anymore. It’s not for me and who I AM.  That’s the old me.  I’m now transformed and so I simply don’t need it anymore.

Let’s be honest transformation is a process it doesn’t happen over night but each day the decisions get better or easier. 

I was in the office most of the day fininshing up my dissertation.  So I was focused but left home prepared to a certain degree with some food.

11:30am piece of grilled fish and veg

2:30pm protein bar

4:30pm coffee with milk and 1/2 a sachet of stevia.  That’s me weaning myself off the sugar.

Supermarket shop this evening and resisted the temptations to buy a snack or two.  But I did decide to indulge in a stoneground pizza and some rice crackers.  

7:30pm pizza and salad 🥗 and some rice crackers.

9pm 1 vex yellow monkey beer 

It’s not horrendous but not great but certainly better than me getting fast food and eating the tub of ice cream that’s in my freezer.

Tomorrow I’ll go to the gym in the morning in an effort to start the week right. 


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