Stating the obvious!

A positive start to the day with Sunday morning chipper.  I literally jumped out of bed in the morning determined to prepare well by eating and maximise my opportunity to work out.

6:30am 3egg white 1/4cup oats and 1/2 banana pancake.

7:30am chipper.  I did alright, although just I did normal skips and pike push-ups as opposed to hand stand push ups.  I really need to spend some time practicing so I can actually do them in the WOD.

So that was me Jo 21:14 – I didn’t do too badly and following the class I did continue to try and build the strength in my arms and shoulders to do pull-ups.  Currently I use the resistance bands to help and the plan is to gradually reduce the weight of the band until I can do a pull up.  I’m currently on the black band and the next level is green.  Well one of my gym buddy’s was encouraging my to leave the band out and giving me tips to just pull as she felt that I was strong enough. … I’m not! And then as I give it a try and fail some smart arse shouts out “pull hard” 🤔 I mean really ? Is she taking the piss as if I wasn’t pulling hard – wtf! So anyway arms fully extended on tippy toes I give a little push and pull as hard and guess what – I got my chin above the bar!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 happy dance 💃🏽 yes first time and everyone in the gym cheered – Sharon the smart arse says ‘see I told you to pull hard!!’ lol So I was well chuffed with myself.

I also bumped in to a former gym coach.  He’s seriously into this body building stuff and foes competitions etc.  So I told him about me struggling to get below 170lbs.  And he hit me with the reality – it’s all food.  Talk about stating the obvious.  From someone telling me to pull harder and now this dude telling me it’s all about what I eat – I mean really??

But the fact of the matter is, as obvious as it is, it is 100% completely true.

9:30am protein shake with pineapple – I wanted to buy coconut water on the way home to have with this smoothie, but it’s just something else to contribute towards my weight albeit a good contribution – so I didn’t get any.

I’ve been studying to complete my masters and it was the deadline to submit my final paper, so as much as I wanted to meal plan I was desperately trying to finish before the deadline.  That being said, I needed to eat.  Can’t concentrate on an empty stomach right!

10:30am I was hungry so I had some rice crackers which I ate with hummus because although it wasn’t time I needed something to hold me as I wasn’t going to get lunch at 12:30pm.  I knew that because I didn’t have time to cook, and I needed to get to the fish market so I had fish for next week.  All these this planning had to take place.

wokup2:00pm So after the fish market I had to stop and buy food – my favourite, grilled fish and basmati rice from wok-up!!  Yeah unfortunately the amount of rice is well over the quota, but I was hey I was hungry and it tasted soooo good.


4:30pm 3/4 scoops (table spoons) maple almond icecream – I deserved a treat seeing as I completed my paper and submitted!!

I didn’t east anything else for the day except more rice crackers and hummus at 9:30pm.

So the hummus and crackers are gone.  On to the new week ahead.


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