Internal dialogue

Seeing as I didn’t do my meal prep on Sunday it had to be done Monday morning – 5am in the Kitchen cooking fish, veg, quinoa, pumpkin ‘stuff’ (literally – I was trying something new).

6:30am 3egg white and sweet pepper omelette, 1/2 grapefruit and lemon water

9am green tea.  I went as far as putting the ketttle on and almost having coffee but I was saved by my impatience waiting for the kettle to boil and used the hot water tap on the cooler to make my green tea! 

9:30am 12 raw almonds and a pear 🍐 

Ive been literally counting down the minutes to 12:30pm so I can eat lunch. The internal dialogue needed to stop me going for coffee is immense.  I should find some work to do to take my mind off it.  In fact that’s what I will do! 

12:30pm saltfish, 1/4cup quinoa, 1/2 cup broccoli, 2cups salad 🥗 with peppers, 5 grape tomatoes.

5pm saltfish and pumpkin 🎃 bakes

6:30pm WOD 

Was a good workout and I managed 2 rounds and 18reps in the 20min time cap. 

The thing is though whilst I went with the RX weight I can’t do chest to bar, so used the bands.  But, after the workout I didn’t feel like I did enough.  You know how you get so conditioned to cardio workouts, sweating buckets, not being able to breath, collapsing in a heap on the floor fighting for life! When that happpens you feeel like you’ve worked out and burnt some fat.  But the lifting heavy weights just doesn’t do it for me.  

I’ve heard that building muscle is best for burning fat.  Which may be true but still, I like cardio.  Lifting weights bores me after a while.  So what to do? 

8pm protein shake with 1/2 banana

9pm I was still hungry so ate a protein bar.  I am seriously addicted.  I reckon I only wanted the sweet flavor! 


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