I’ve had to take today off from the gym to rest my poor knee.  And dare I say it, it’s really actually very bad.  I went in to the office, but really should have stayed home and kept it elevated and iced but I’m a bit addicted to my job or should I say I have a high work ethic.  But that being said it’s not stopped me from doing a plank this morning or from eating properly, although it’s very tempting to push that ‘F”*$k IT’ button!

7 am pumpkin and saltfish bake with 2 egg whites, 1/2 a grapefruit, green tea

9am tea with milk no sugar

10am 10 raw almonds and a banana biscuit thing that I baked yesterday!

I’ve been looking to find new recipe’s to make in particular healthy snacks because I LOVE to snack, but I have to stop eating protein bars and all the other bad stuff.  So I figured it’s best I make my own.  So I made these banana things…. 3 bananas, flax eggs (you know what I mean? flax and water to bind it like an egg), with oatmeal and cinnamon.  No sugar, no, butter, that’s it.  They tasted alright to be honest, maybe a little too much oats as they’re a bit heavy.  But the bananas were sweet so they’re good enough for me.

But I found with wicked site Minimalist Baker with some recipe’s which I will most definitely try.

11:30am coffee with milk no sugar.  Now I actually meant to add some stevia which I have stashed in my desk draw, but I literally completely forgot by the time I got back to my desk as I must have been distracted by someone, and drank the coffee with no sugar.   Strange as I drank without even realising.  So does that mean I’m actually not addicted to sugar?

1pm green salad, pumpkin and saltfish bake with roasted squash and chick peas

My girl MaleneB is in town so linked up with her and went out for a bite to eat 

6:30pm wok up fish bowl!!! 



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