Fine dayz


Yesterday was hectic as but the benefit is that I managed to stay on point…. well pretty much.  My handful of torilla chips or so may let’s down a bit but as I’d had zero carbs at lunch I figured it’ll be alright.  I managed the whole day without tea or coffee at work.  Am in full swing frantic mode for my trip to Jamaica and the DR.  I’m already thinking about what I’m going to eat in the hotel.  It’s a lush all inclusive!!! Am I really going to eat like a sparrow??? Not that I eat like a sparrow to be honest – but with all you can eat food and drinks for however many days how am I going to keep control?  I should see it like there will be lots of options for veg actually and that I don’t have to cook.  It’s all about perspective and how I position it really.  I know I can make good choices – I know I can!! 

I feel stupid even mentioning it – but my back to back session has ended up in even more disaster.  I don’t quite know how but the knees gave out again 😩 fluid on the left knee. Must have strained it again trying not to use the right knee!! So no more training for a while.  That’s it… I’ll not be in the gym at all.  Whilst I’m away I’ll may be do some sit ups and press ups in my room but that’s about it.  Gotta seriously rest me poor bones.  I’m like an old woman 👵 🙈.  

Over the next few weeks then there’ll be no workouts posted.  Just food.  But as we all know, it’s all about the food anyhow. Weigh-in Saturday before I leave – and we’ll see what the scales say upon my return.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if I lose weight whilst I’m away???!!! I’m gonna practice that law of attraction stuff and visualize the scales and me all nice and slender and making the right food choices.  If you think it and believe it, it will be… right?  Energy flows where focus goes….right? 

I’m focused – I’m staying in the zone.  This is me.  I feel good – let’s keep it that way! 


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