Life without eggs

It’s been over a week now since I’ve eaten eggs in an shape or form whether that’s, scrambled, fried, omelette, in a pancake or anything.  I’m quite chuffed with myself and also for the fact that I’ve stayed away from meat and fish too except for Friday night.  I’m quite surprised that I’ve managed to do it without much difficulty.

My fruit intake has certainly increased eating on average 1 cup at least of fruit on a morning together with 1/4 cup of oats.  Also I’ve just realised I’ve not had any protein shakes either! But I guess that’s cause I’ve not been training.  So largely it’s been fruit and veg.  And some carbs.  How do I feel? Pretty much the same if I’m honest.  Sorry to disappoint but no major revelations I’m afraid – just enjoying my food.  I have found however the fact that I am only eating ‘approved’ non processed foods I feel like to can eat an endless amount. As in I’m constantly snacking, on grapes, strawberries, pineapple, oranges, raw almonds, raw cashews, carrot sticks and hummus – is that bad?  Right now I don’t think so.  But we’ll see in a week or two what the scales say.

But I am enjoying it.  I like eating regularly…. I mean I could put something in my mouth like every hour on the hour – I literally count down the 3 hours between each meal… lol  my cousin nicknamed me picman cause I’m always eating.  I can’t help it… I draw great comfort from it, but i just have only eat good things.

One of my bad habits is eating in the car.  For some reason I get lonely in the car and there was a time when I’d buy that little snack to eat in the car on the way home from the supermarket…. I must say so though I’ve not done it for a while now – not like before.  I mean I’d be embarrassed at the wrappers stuffed in the side of the door when I take my car to be cleaned 😳😳😳 but on Saturday I almost faltered and bought a small pack of Shirley’s chocolate biscuits.  They found their way into my trolley… it was like one of those snap decisions as passing through the aisle and attempting to move quickly past whilst averting eyes from all the confectionary and biscuits but my left made an involuntary movement so fast it didn’t register in my brain and the biscuit were in the trolley.  How-ev-er…. when I started to put the shopping on the belt my brain finally caught up and removed the biscuits and put them on a shelf at the side… sigh of relief…  the brain won!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

I’m hoping the brain continues to kick in over the next two weeks.  I think it will… I’m willing it to.  I’m focussed on planning to reduce damage.  I’ve baked banana, almond and oatmeal ‘things’ (cross between a cookie, bread and muffin) so I can have a healthy snack to travel with.   I prepped fruit so I can grab and go. I’ve cooked literally all the veg in my fridge to last the few days before I travel.  I’m wondering whether to make some bean burgers to take with me also.

The point is I don’t want to be this woman when I get to the all inclusive and I’m faced with all the choice that I just go crazy and eat everything insight. It will be an extremely vulnerable time also – pre-menstrual!!!! I don’t know what I’m gonna do???!!

Whilst I will probably always suffer from #greedyfuckingitis I’m hoping my greed is for lentils, beans, veg and fruit…. and not carbs – I don’t want to be a Carbivore either!!  I’m on the right track… developing good habits on my journey to 160lbs!

Oh I weighed in at 174.4lbs on saturday – didn’t think it was worthy of a post.


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