HBD to Me!

Yes so today is my birthday.  Another year older, a little wiser, but still striving for ultimate health and fitness.  Aside from the fact that I had to work all day I’ve had a good day and I’ve managed to maintain a level of restraint that is unprecedented on my birthday.  Just two indulgences all day – a packet of mini cookies and a bottle of light beer.  I had fruit this morning and a cross between flapjack and muffin bite.  Nuts and fruit mid morning, lentils and plantain with large salad and dinner…well…. I had nothing in the house as I’m travelling tomorrow, but I had two of my favourite things… plantain and cashew nuts.  I actually can’t believe that’s all I’ve eaten since like 2pm this afternoon.  I guess I’ve been busy.

So how do I feel at the ripe old age of 39?  Great!  I am the fittest I’ve ever been except for my knee injury and this morning I managed to hold the plank for 2 minutes and 2 seconds!!  Was a very long 2 minutes.  But I have to just keep doing it whilst my legs are out of action.

This time tomorrow I’ll have food and drinks at my disposal…. I’m literally scared for what I might do…lol  But I read up on intermittent fasting today.  It seems like and interesting concept… possibly worth exploring.  I think whilst I’m out of action I will have to experiment with the food to see what my body responds well to.

I’m sorry but I’m tired.  I had loads of ideas earlier for this post… but now simply too tired to think.  I will keep you updated on my travels for the next 10 days and food management. Night 


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