10 Days later….

After 4 days in the all inclusive in Mo’Bay eating and drinking to my hearts’ content, 2 nights in Miami and 5 days in Santo Domingo, I returned to Barbados understandably somewhat heavier than I left – 6 extra pounds and weighing in at 179lbs on Sunday morning just gone.

I’m not going to beat myself up about it now, it’s done.  I know it could have been a whole lot worse.  Yes I drank a whole bottle of champagne… but it was my birthday.  I ate pastries, cookies, and actually 4 bottles of red stripe beer in Miami when I was out on my own… they were on special $25 for 5, but I couldn’t manage the 5th, not because I was drunk but I literally ran out of room, so I gave it to a man that I met.  But it was after the weekend in Miami that I realised I couldn’t spend another week over eating.  I went to the mall and brought a full set of workout gear, vest, tights, socks, trainers and sports bra!!  I had to do something – my immobility was not going to get the better of me.  I still can’t run, but at least I can walk, I can go to the gym and do weights… anything that isn’t eating and get’s me in the right mindset, and not eating.  It helped, but in the DR the diet is quite meat and carbohydrate based, and cheese in everything and the office – well they seem to have a reason to have cake every day!! and they like force you to have it.  OK – so I didn’t resist that hard.

My only excuse is that I had a menstrual cycle during that period and this would explain the rapid weight gain, which I might add I going down since I’ve returned (as usual, I’ll post official weight on Saturday) so may be the damage isn’t too bad.  I travel again in a few weeks’ to Belgium and UK but it’s a short trip.  Here’s a few pics of the food I was eating, no meat only fish may be twice I think.  These are the best meals I guess – I didn’t take pics of the cakes, the pastries, the mounds of rice, chocolates and whatever else I shouldn’t have been eating 😂 


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