Weigh-in Saturday

Can you guess?  Well the suspense is over.  I weighed in at 173.6lbs this morning.  I’m pleased i’m not still 178lbs but I am finding that this constant weight checking is making me realise how far I am from my target weight of 160lbs.  How am I ever actually going to achieve this?  Each week something different happens to take me off course.  I can’t seem to focus on the goal.  From training to injury, fighting my addictions to food, trying to eat vegan, drinking alcohol, sneaking a sugar in my tea or coffee… the list goes on. I will never achieve my goal unless I am consistent and that’s the bottom line.

I’m not able to write everyday – why? because I feel like there’s nothing interesting to be said or shared… I feel like I’m not making progress in terms of results although I have made a few personal progresses since returning from my travels.  So this week there’s been three main updates.

Firstly, I managed to fill my fridge with a wealth of fruit and vegetables that I honestly had been craving which enabled me to cook some really great food inspired heavily from my travels.  I’ve had Jamaican style cabbage – a Jamaican would have to taste and tell me whether it tasted authentic, but it tasted great to me.  I had some for breakfast and lunch.  I made beans inspired by Miami from a Cuban spot.  I had plantain and grilled tomatoes, okras, and I have aubergine or eggplant yet to cook like I had in the Dominican Republic.  Whilst most of these foods are not new, it’s how I am eating them.  Omitting eggs and fish from my diet has meant I need to change how I eat breakfast.  In Jamaica it’s standard to have cabbage, rice, callaloo and fish for breakfast – foods that I would normally reserve for lunch or dinner.  In the DR they have Mangu and beans at breakfast.  I’ve yet to attempt to make the Mangu which is basically mashed green plantain, but I will make a batch on Sunday.  The point is my travels made me realise that there’s a lot of options out there, but you just have to be prepared to make them.  Take a look at some of this weeks meals, including my treat I baked of bananas, dates, oatmeal, flax and almonds bites.  Despite them being healthy, greedyfuckin’itis kicked in, and if it wasn’t from my mate Marcia coming round to eat some I would have eaten the whole lot like within a day or two!!!


But I am loving the veg.  Veg all day every day, but my problem is I just want to keep eating –  like I’d love to have a conveyor belt of freshly cooked veg for me to eat one after another.  It’s a healthy habit to have.  Kale and spinach smoothies every day, but by Friday my prepped food had run out and I wanted to eat out.  I ended up buying food from 3 different spots.  The first was the Green Lime Eco-cafe what I had tasted nice, but I could of had more veg in the stirfry, and generally more food.  You might say I once again had greedyfuckin’itis, cause it was enough for normal person I guess but me I wanted more – may have been cause it tasted goooood.  Then I went for a drink after work at the Mill with my good friend Shoki, who’s also on the veganish tip at the moment.  There I had the veggie wrap, which was nice, but it had quinoa also in the filling… not too much but it’s unnecessary when you have a wrap… too much carb albeit a protein also.  The final meal was what was termed a “Roots and Culture” pizza from the new Clay Oven pizza spot.  Now I like pizza, but the ‘vegetarian’ one was made with pesto as opposed to tomato…and quite frankly whilst it tasted alright I wont get it again.  For two reasons – firstly I want it to taste like pizza – cheese and tomato is fundamental to achieve this… and secondly I was up from 2:30am in and out the bathroom with an upset stomach for the next few hours as my body rejected roots and culture.  I think it was the pesto and all the cheese.


So that’s been the food this week thus far, and I am hoping my clean eating will contribute to some weightloss in view of my reduced training ability whilst my knees recover.  And this brings me to my next development – training.  This week I’ve had to learn to train alone as there’s no point paying money for the gym and not being able to participate in the classes fully and also traveling all the time – so it’s now me self motivating to work out as best I can.  But my biggest incentive is not only the freeness but the location.  I have the most beautiful beach no more than a 10 min walk from home or a 3 min drive.  Batts Rock Beach.  It has a play park with climbling frames or monkey bars for me to do pull-ups, toes to bar, chest to bar (not that I can do either of them – yet!) and what ever bar work I want to.  There’s benches to do tricep dips, the beach to walk up and down on (as I can’t run), push-up, and of course there’s the sea to swim in.  Look at it…. it’s awesome.  So this is my new spot my #outsidegym where I will be training moving forward – by myself unfortunately but it’s cool.  I’ll get through.    I managed some (3) pull-ups this week again to my amazement.  I had finished my 5 rounds of my circuit which included 10 push-up, 10 knees to elbow and ten weighted lunges on my right leg only and a walk up the beach approx 1600m carrying 20lbs in the dead sand and then when I got back I thought let me see if I can do a pull-up…. and I did… I shocked myself and almost yelled out but didnt want to look like a nut job … but there was no one there to share in my glee – 😟

So that’s been the week trying to get back in to a routine of health and fitness.  I’ll hopefully incorporate some swimming next week if I can find someone to swim with me or at least watch so I don’t drown by myself – at least if someones there they can call for help! Oh and the last thing I did this week was book AFROPUNK!!! I’m so excited!!!


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