Under new management

Yeah I know it’s once again been a while.  I’ve been on yet another journey (yaaaawn!). The knee injury continues to plague me and it’s taken a while for me to get some level of routine and consistency.  My weight has gone up and it’s come back down.  I’ve been vegan one week and ate a KFC the next.  I’ve been trying to train by myself but it lasts a few days and then stops.  I spend the week eating well and then go out with friends and drink copious amounts of alcohol and eat tons.  So yeah it’s been somewhat inconsistent so I haven’t bothered to blog.

But this week I feel better – a new dawn, a new day and a new focus. Still on me but I’m more in tune with myself.  I’m cooking and eating, mainly vegan – I’ve worked out a fitness regime that’s manageable and I’ve been using IG and twitter and I’m finding this a better for me to connect with people.  

So I encourage you to follow me on IG @jojooutnabout or twitter @jaaaaai as I’ll be posting my workouts and food intake there.  I may well just blog on a Saturday or Sunday with my weigh-ins kind of like a weekly update. 

That’s all-  

BTW – I’m intermittent fasting at the moment.  Eating between the hours of 12-8pm.  It’s kind of working for me. 


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