Deserving of a treat

In my opinion I’ve had a pretty good week as it relates to my food intake. Almost managed a completely vegan week and whilst it’s not that I was suffering meat withdrawal symptom s or craving meat or anything – it was more of a case of it simply being there and there was no other option for me so I ate.  Not a lot just literally a total of about 1 cup of food.  But I did have some sweet cravings during the day so much so that I struggled down a flight of stairs hobbling and hanging on to the rail like an old woman.  Was it worth putting my poor knees through the stress of stairs just for a tea time biscuit? Probably not.

My social outing resulted in me eating meat.  And I drank some wine – not a lot but still wasted calories though.  It was quite a nice lime, and I had a few awkward moments, which is when I filled my glass, or went and got some food, anything to take me away from one of those – what do I say next? smile, look around, to-te-do-(in tune with the music) moments….

I did however have a couple of good conversations – about fitness (not initiated by me might I add).  A guy and a girl were talking about working out and body shapes and whats sexy or not.  The girl said she signed up with the gym and the trainer asked her what she wanted to achieve and he made a comparison to Serena Williams saying that’s a sexy body and he could train her to get there, but the girl was like ‘hell no! – she don’t want to look like Serena Williams it’s too muscular’  And that’s where I jumped in to defend Serena cause that woman is my heroine!! This woman must be mad – has she seen Serena Williams?  Don’t get me wrong no one, well I don’t want to be a body builder type, but women can be big, strong, sexy and feminine.  


The man pointed out that the girl was measuring herself on white ideals of what is sexy and I completely agree.  Take a look at  @anowa adjah  and these other women who feature in this “The 200-pound club: Women who redefine weight” article . I wish I had shown her these images and articles last night, but I have a thing about using a phone when socialising.  It’s rude.  Be present.

The other convo I had was about pole fitness, well fitness in general, and crossfit training etc… injuries… you know the usual.

So just 4 days to go until All inclusive – what the hell am I going to do???!!! I’ll get through.  In all fairness I’ve still had a bloody good diet this week.  Better than most, so I feel I was deserving of a little treat but I won’t let it extend into the weekend and next week.  My treats will be the sweetest most delicious fresh fruits!!